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Growing Personnel Through Personal Growth

by Justin T. Peterson

This is the first post of this new blog. I'll give you some background information on myself.

I was born in French Equatorial Africa (now the Central African Republic), the youngest of six children born to missionary parents. When I was quite young, my parents moved back to the United States where my father served as a minister for many years in Northern Minnesota. I recall my mother placing inspirational messages around the house while I was growing up. One that stood out to me was a quote from Richard S. Taylor’s book, The Disciplined Life, “The world is full of naturally brilliant people who never rise above mediocrity because they are not willing to make the sacrifice which superiority requires.” That inspired me to begin a lifelong quest to see how far I could grow.

My career has consisted mainly of management positions in the hospitality and financial services industries. My passion is helping people grow so that they can realize their potential. I feel that before you can “accomplish,” you have to “become.” I believe that what we do is based on the foundation of who we are. My observation that personal growth has been neglected in the workplace led me to write Thinking at the Speed of Life, a strategy for foundational personal growth in the workplace. I founded Growing Personnel, a business to help organizations and individuals, implement my personal growth strategy.

Many of our parents kept a record of our age and height on a door jamb inside of the house where we lived. It was a fun way to mark our physical progress as we were growing up. Most of us, though, would be hard pressed to produce a personal growth chart if we were asked to.

Physical growth and personal growth, while having similarities, also differ significantly.

Physical growth happens automatically for the most part. As long as we get the proper nourishment, plenty of rest and exercise, our bodies will grow.

Maybe that’s why so many people never experience much personal growth in their lives. They assume it happens automatically. Nothing could be further from the truth. It takes a great deal of intention and much exercise of our will to experience personal growth.

Why is personal growth so important? Personal growth changes who we are. Who we are is the foundation for what we do.

There are significant problems that need solving at all levels of society, from the basic family unit on up to international corporations and the governments of nations.

The world is crying out for people who are experiencing personal growth in their lives. The world needs people who can provide solutions but you cannot give what you do not possess.

I’m challenging you to step out and get started on your personal growth journey.

I’m challenging you to find your voice and help other people find theirs.

I’m challenging all of us to see how far we can grow.

Justin is a John C. Maxwell Team Member and a certified John C. Maxwell Coach/Teacher/Trainer/Speaker. He and his wife, Christy, reside in Ridgecrest, California. They enjoy spending time with their five adult daughters and their families.

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